Mac os time machine preparing backup

This file system changelog can become corrupt for various reasons, the most likely being unexpected shutdowns or freezes, as well removing or turning off external volumes without ejecting them properly first.

Time Machine Stuck on “Preparing Backup”? Here is the Fix

When Time Machine determines that the file system changelog isn't usable, it performs a deep scan of the file system to build a new changelog. The deep scan process greatly extends the time it takes to prepare Time Machine to perform a backup. Luckily, once the deep scan is complete and the changelog is corrected, Time Machine should perform subsequent backups in a normal fashion.

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Time Machine Stuck on “Preparing Backup”? Here is the Fix

Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. Updated November 13, Check to see if the preparation process is stuck: If the number of items increases, be patient and don't interrupt the preparation phase.

If you think Time Machine is stuck, give it another 30 minutes, just to be sure. Still, the following may be useful in tracking down your issue.

Quick Fix Time Machine preparing to back up long hang fix

Once Time Machine is turned off, check the following as possible causes of the problem: You can prevent Spotlight from indexing the Time Machine backup volume by adding it to the Privacy tab of the Spotlight preference pane as follows: Click the Privacy tab. To avoid this, you can make sure that the backup folder is exempted from scanning with the virus guard. If all of the above options fail, you should contact Apple Support or contact an authorized person.

If Time Machine stuck on preparing backup, you know what to do now. We thoroughly believe that you can overcome the iOS related issues and enjoy the stability of Mac OS.

What to Do When Time Machine Is Stuck on Preparing Backup in macOS 10.14

We really appreciate if you can leave us a comment about your overall experience with the methods we mentioned in this article. Jul 21, Brandon Eldred, an expert with more than 4-year experience on writing tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, has a constant passion for recovering, transferring iOS data and solving tough issues for Apple users.

Here is the Fix. Posted on Jul 27, 9: The normal operation of Time machine uses a shortcut called the File System Event Store, a list of recent folders that have changed. Users who do a major upgrade, as you just did, find that the File System Event Store is overwhelmed by the changes, and not usable by Time machine for computing which files need to be backed up.

How to Fix Time Machine Stuck in Preparing Backup

This forces Time Machine to do "deep traversal" which can take all afternoon, before it can begin the actual copying of files. It is likely NOT stuck. It is likely operating as designed. You just have to wait it out. Eventually it will have its list ready and will start copying files.

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