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To restore data in built-in media storage from backup file, make sure mass storage mode must be turned on. When data is restored to the BlackBerry smartphone, all files are deleted from the BlackBerry smartphone before the backup file is restored.

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Complete the following steps to change the location of backup files on your Mac computer: Complete the following steps to schedule automatic backups: Toggle navigation. Knowledge Base. April 25, Last Modified: April 25, Type: BlackBerry Desktop Software 2. Connect BlackBerry smartphone to Mac computer.

Click on Back Up icon at the top of the screen.

How to read IPD & BBB BlackBerry backups

Perform one of the following actions: To back up all data on the BlackBerry smartphone, click All data. To back up specific data, click Selected data and select the check box beside one or more databases. If necessary, perform the following actions: To encrypt the data on the BlackBerry smartphone, select the Encrypt backup file check box.

To back up on-board device memory, select the Back up built-in media storage check box. Click Back Up. Click the Restore icon at the top of the screen. Select a backup file To restore all data from the backup file, click Restore all data To restore specific data from the backup file, click Restore selected data and select the check box beside one or more databases To restore data from a backup file that is not listed, click Open Another Backup File. For several systems, there are various ways to either reload the lost data or extract the same from the backup feature of your blackberry.

Various software is available that are backup extractors for Blackberry and some of them helping you in converting the data along with extraction. Almost all of the Blackberry Backup Extractor applications can easily extract text messages, messages, contacts and even the calendar entries you make along with tasks and memos from the backup.

This top rated Blackberry backup extracting software can reload and also easily convert your data after extracting it from the backup. It is also versatile about the ways of extraction and has been designed to extract stored data in. BBB and. IPD including the newer versions also like v2. BBB files format.

How to Backup All BlackBerry Data to Computer with BlackBerry® Desktop Software?

It is very simple to revive all your lost data and get back all your data with a single click process and nothing more. This can also work on your contact books, messages of all kinds, entries in calendar, phone logs and even on videos and images. It is a simple and easy to use software with a single click process to extract backup files and other data from your Blackberry extractor.

How to open Blackberry backup file BBB and IPD

The Reincubate Blackberry Backup Extractor does not support the BB10 version and you might need to check up with this before going for this software. This is a unique software, one of the only fully integrated Blackberry Extractor software that works for Mac and helps you recover your data, and blackberry backup files are saved automatically to your Mac. You can reload any file that has been created with Blackberry Desktop Manager which is compatible with the software.

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MyPhoneData Blackberry Backup Extractor for Mac helps you extract text messages, contacts and a lot of other things like emails and tasks out of backup data files. The major up — point of this software is that you can use it on the latest Blackberry backup formats like. You can get a free trial, in which you can retrieve and extract a single file of each file type.

How to open Blackberry backup file BBB and IPD | Blackberry Extractor

You can make a decision based upon the trial. It is sometimes not compatible with a few devices and you might have to check before buying; the trial option is a big save here. Magic Berry by Mena Step Innovative Solutions is a great software to extract data and along with that it also helps you to convert the IPD and BBB Blackberry files and database files into different formats as per requirement. The extraction process is very simple and you can get all kinds of messages and even phone call history and logs along with conversion of service books to various formats including CSV and text files.

You can also edit the database. It is fully user friendly to use and without any problems. All you are required to do is select the files for extraction. User — friendly and easy to use software with no problems and errors in installation. You can install it and start retrieving the data without any problems.

On several devices and versions, the.

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BBB files cannot be retrieved and only the. IPD format files can be reloaded. These are the top 3 Blackberry Backup Extractor software in the market. It is easy to extract the data from Blackberry backups.