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While the sales of iPhones, iPods and iPads provide a strong boost to Apple's overall earnings, Macs account for less than 5 percent of computers worldwide [source: Cyran and Gu ]. However, the Mac boasts an impressive growth rate: Shipments increased Elmer-DeWitt ].

So, which is better -- Mac or PC? Click through our list of 10 differences between Macs and PCs and decide for yourself.

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Travel the World: World Geography " " How well do you know the world's countries? Steve Jobs: Life in Pictures. How to take a Screenshot on a Mac. How to Uninstall on a Mac.

Install Windows 7, 8 or 10 on a Mac with Boot Camp Assistant (macOS Sierra 10.12)

According to Wikipedia , the first successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface GUI was the Apple Macintosh , and it was introduced on the 24th of January The Apple Macintosh continued to sell successfully through the second half of the s until its sales began to decline in the s when the market shifted towards the IBM PC that was running a Microsoft Windows operating system. The first Mac.

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The first Windows. The reason for this domination is simply because; Microsoft designed its operating systems to be compatible with various hardware created by a wide range of computer companies such as Dell, IBM, hp, and Sony, etc. As a result, Microsoft is more popular than other operating systems in the market. In the mean while, Apple has strictly designed their operating system to fit perfectly in their own hardware.

The graph below gives you an idea about how the market was moving between the different operating systems, starting from September to July Image credit. When I tried to do the same search for Windows users, my efforts were to no avail. Kelly Ford , the marketing and content head for Hunch.

10 Differences Between Macs and PCs

The report focused on their personalities from 3 perspectives: Choices are yours! Well, the sole purpose of this post is to show you all the facts about both companies, and let you decide. After all, the only person who knows you best is YOU! Now, it is up to you to determine which company can cope with your needs and style.

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