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And and I can remember anything bcoz it has taken me longtime I am not using it. Anyone know how to get out of an ICloud account without the password. It really makes me mad that right away people assume phone is stolen when they ask the above question.

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Of course he did not remember password because he never used itunes or icloud. I want to remove my icloud account from my iphone but unfortunately my icloud account has been locked. The problem is i cannot receive an email from my fone and for the security question i forgot the answers to be able to unlock the security question. I have an icloud account. I know the password to this account. My question is that I have 3 Apple ID user names.

I have all three passawords to the user Id accounts. How do I delete 1 user ID?

How to set up your addresses in Messages

My sister is giving me her ipad. I want to sign her out of her iCloud account so I can access all my stuff. If I sign her out. Will she lose her data on her iphone? She said she had major problems syncing when she bought the ipad.

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Please help me it is making me crazy. I can remove all iPhones I cloud in 10 minutes from my place … No need to meet u in there. Call me on So I have an iCloud account which I have deleted. But my iPhone is still connected and has been reset. So I cannot even get into the settings menu to delete the account. How can I fix this? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Notice how the "inet6" address that ends in "79b8", the one marked "temporary" in the screen shot above is the same as that echoed back from the test site. We can ignore the Link-Local IPv6 address that starts with "fe80" for now. OS X, as of Mountain Lion, generates two IPv6 addresses, an EUI address when the interface is first brought up and a privacy or temporary address which is the one exposed to the Internet. The reason we keep the EUI address is to provide a stable address for local administrators and, for example, SSH connections.

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The privacy address varies to keep that device a moving target. The above techniques will help you figure out which is which. I have heard that nothing changes there in iOS 7. However, everything under the hood regarding EUI and privacy addresses remains the same. It's just a question of getting at the two numbers. I've exchanged some email with Mr.

Hamilton, and he really knows his stuff. Again, you can look for the "ff: Perhaps a future version of the app will have explicit labels. If you only see one address, in addition to the Link-Local address that starts with "fe80", it's probably because the iPad is in the process of changing to a new privacy address. In time, you'll see two IPv6 addresses there, for a total of three, as shown above. There is a massive amount of literature surrounding IPv6, and one can quickly become overwhelmed. With that in mind, I've tried to limit the scope of this article.

Hardware manufactures adds the MAC address and it is useful to identify networking devices uniquely. MAC address is unique for each networking interface and you should not share it with everyone. So, you should share your MAC address only to well-known network administrators.

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You should think twice before letting someone know your MAC address. How to Stop Flash Messages in iPhone. These steps are common for all iOS versions including the latest iOS Amar Ilindra is an entrepreneur, blogger, and Android developer.