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A number of users have reported blank preview windows and a white output screen.

The cause of the issue is currently unknown, but is not present in Serato DJ. For users with supported hardware, we recommend using Serato DJ instead, as Scratch Live is discontinued.

Download Serato Video for Scratch Live & ITCH

When using Serato Video with Scratch Live please read the system requirements. Download Video-SL. Legacy Products. Video-SL 1.

Download Serato Video

Video for all Scratch Live DJs is now available. Download and try the demo before you buy. Video files can now be previewed and managed in the Scratch Live offline player. New Audio Responsive effects let the music control a variety of live video effects.

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  • Serato Video.
  • Video-SL 1.1.1 (Legacy)?
  • Video-SL 1.0.2 (Legacy)!
  • Download Video-SL.
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These vary from Bass Zoom to Splits and are controlled by analyzing the music signal. Audio echoes create visual echoes in the picture, while distortion effects distort the image.

Getting Started with Serato Video-SL

Buy Serato Video. Free video content Ego and Beeple have put together some awesome packs of royalty free visuals, and Xtendamix have come through with 40 free music videos and Mac users can get five audio reactive Quartz compositions from I Love QC. Serato DJ - Karaoke Tutorial.

  • Video-SL 1.1 (Legacy).
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  • Bring your set to life with Serato Video;
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  • Download Serato Video-SL.
  • Video-SL 1.2 (Legacy)!

Master effects As well as dedicated channel effects you can now apply two Serato Video effects to the Master output channel. Record your set Record your full set with audio and HD video at the press of a button and easily create your own video mixtapes for online promotion.

Add advanced functionality for laptop-only DJing in Lite and Pro. Learn more. Create, save, and play back custom edits of your tracks. Add video to your sets with in-depth effects and transitions. admin