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Posted 26 September - Posted 01 October - Posted 09 July - Posted 07 October - Posted 15 October - Posted 19 February - Posted 24 August - To grant this applicaiton the required permission, contact your system administrator, or use the Microsoft. NET Framework Configuration tool.

If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. Requested registry access is not allowed. The RegistryPermission class, which is in the System. Permission namespace, controls the ability to access registry variables.

See and Change your MAC Address in VB.NET

Registry variables should not be stored in memory locations where code without RegistryPermission can access them. Similarly, when granting permissions, grant the least privilege necessary to get the job done. For more information, see RegistryPermission and System.

Registry permission access values are defined by the RegistryPermissionAccess enumeration. For more information, see RegistryPermissionAccess. The following table details its members. Write Or RegistryPermissionAccess. Community Forum Software by IP. Why Join Codecall?

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Register with Facebook Register with Twitter. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. See more: I have tried to get MAC address of each machine by using the below function in vb.

Registering Your Mac Address (Windows 7)

GetAllNetworkInterfaces Return nics 1. ToString End Function can someone help me what should I do for solving in windows xp as well Thanks in davnce. Posted Oct Add a Solution. Top Rated Most Recent. I think it does work in XP, I think the problem is that you are accessing the wrong array element: Return nics 0.

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ToString Or better still, loop through the array, and return the first one that is an ethernet adapter and operational. There is a Tip here that shows the code - it's in C , but the code is very easy to follow, look at the GetMacAddress method: Posted Oct 0: Could be you forgot the library Imports System. Posted Nov 6: Add your solution here.

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Existing Members Sign in to your account. LANAs may seem like a constraint that your application must work around. However, making your application ignorant of how users want to configure their machines is a powerful idea, and one that makes life easier for your customers. A good approach is outlined in the following steps: The name may be the same on each LANA.

Connect using any LANA: If necessary, cancel any outstanding listen after the first listen is satisfied. The first successful find name or call will indicate which LANA to use. Get all MAC addresses on a computer

Asynchronous requests will be processed almost in parallel on each transport. This architecture is quite beneficial. Once your application is written to establish connections in this manner, it will support any transport that NetBIOS can use. As a result, your customers will not have to configure anything within your application, and your application will not be affected by dynamic LANAs such as dial-up adapters or plug-and-play hardware.

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