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Command key

It doesn't happen often unless you're a technical writer , but sometimes you need to write a how to article and reference the command symbol as one of the buttons in a key combination. Apple didn't make adding this symbol super simple or intuitive, but each of the following methods will work and continue to work, depending on your needs. The most simple way to accomplish this task — especially if you only need it once in a while. Just highlight the symbol and paste it where you need it!

Finding and Inserting the Command Symbol

This is a relatively easy option, especially if you think you'll want to insert this symbol on even an occasional basis. Note that steps only have to be done once, then step 8 can be completed anytime you need the symbol. This adds an input option on the menu bar where you can quickly add symbols.

How to Learn 10 Mac Shortcuts

Then click done. The Command symbol will be in the list, simply double click on it to insert where desired. This is a little more advanced as you will need to remember or refer to the hex code for the symbol.

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That said, it is a quick way to add unique symbols if you use them often. Click Add 3. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from Instructional Tech Talk. We hate spam as much as you do, we will only send emails relevant to this website and never more than once a week. Jeff Herb is an Educator, Blogger, and Podcaster focusing on Instructional Technology and finding ways to innovate the classroom using technology.

Hold Spacebar to move selected area. Hold Shift to change size in one direction only horizontal or vertical Hold Option for center-based resizing.

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  8. Hold Option while you click to remove the drop shadow. Take a screenshot of the touch bar Cmd-Shift-6 Hold Control with any of the above keystrokes to copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of making a file.

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    Clear Spotlight Search Esc clears to do another search. Esc a second time closes Spotlight. If you change the preference, this will go to one of the first 9 bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. Scroll by one full screen Scroll Down: Arrow key down to the item you want and press Return to choose it. If an app re-opens with the windows that were open when you last quit it, you can tell it not to re-open the windows. Works in the Finder, Apple Mail, Preview, etc. Cmd drag icons to rearrange.

    Cmd drag icon off toolbar to remove. Ctrl-click toolbar and choose Customize for more options. Did I Help You? Control key. Tab key. Return key. Enter key.

    Mac Keyboard Shortcuts & Keystrokes | Dan Rodney

    Eject key. Arrow keys. Double-Click column divider or the resize widget at the bottom of the column divider, depending on your setup. Option Double-Click column divider or the resize widget at the bottom of the column divider, depending on your setup.