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Some polishment. Rescatux 0. You can check the complete changelog with link to each one of the issues at: I think we can expect four months maximum till the new stable Rescatux is ready. Helping on these tasks is appreciated:. A new stable release The former Super Grub2 Disk stable release was 2. New features or changes since previous stable version are: It no longer crashes. Features Most of the features here will let you boot into your Operating Systems. Rescapp program has been rewritten so that: Ubuntu Some thoughts: Boot Repair functionality has been removed from Rescatux.

Rescapp and chntpw are now installed from a Repo. It should be virtually identical to 0. This is the last build based on Debian 8 Jessie.

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Important notice: More things I want to do before the stable release are: Making all the source code available but as I have mentioned on the Debian Live mailing list it is not easy. Roadmap for Rescatux 0. Fixed in 0. Windows 7 seems not to be fixed with it Fixed in: Include cpu detection and loopback cfg patches Fixed in: Use it as a package Fixed in: The step about extracting iso inside an iso would not be longer needed. Update doc: Put Rescatux into a media for Isolinux based cd Fixed in: Easy Grub fix Fixed in: You write about open source games, give related examples, and somehow conclude that "Linux fails as a desktop".

First of all, Linux also has Steam, with games. Just yesterday [gamingonlinux. And last Saturday, Slashdot mentioned [slashdot. Nowadays, open source games have little to do with Linux failing as a gaming platform. How do these help argue against the quality of open source games? How does the presence of a bad game make Linux fail as a desktop system?

There are countless of games that are equally shit on both OS X and Windows, are you declaring those useless now, too?

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They are a lot more advanced than many cities in "middle America". Hardly something you would call a podunk area. Moreover, the guy who did Flappy Bird which I assume is what you are talking about was able to become successful due to his marketing efforts more than any coding skill or "viral luck". Mod parent up! He explains well why simple games like Tetris and Candy Crush will never be popular. No story line, no 3D graphic artists, no big explosions, etc.

There's the problem If you look at the credit list for the recent release of Starcraft , there are tons of artists and relatively few programmers.

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Wow, that's definitely not true. Art gets hacked together all the time.

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Look at the recent Star Wars movie, it's a rehash with elements hacked in from all over the place. In architecture, look at the spires of Chartres Cathedral for an especially clear example. In painting [nationalgallery. Define, if you will, "fails as a desktop. I'm genuinely curious as to why you think it has failed. The number of users is irrelevant to me.

I have plenty of Windows licenses and the means to buy as many as I could ever possibly want. I don't even dislike Windows. I used it for years while Linux sat mostly idle on a spare partition. I'd boot to it, update it, poke a little, and then return to Windows. As a systems and software architect by profession, I'll chime in. My metric for success is the satisfaction of all of four constraints:. Now I think it is not hard to see that Linux-as-a-desktop-system easily meets 2 and 3. As to meeting 4, many p.

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Those sound reasonable but I'm not really sure that 4 is required for success. It'd be nice though. As I recall, aren't there only a few actually certified OSes out there? I haven't looked in years. And, again, how very odd. I fully understand your love for Solaris. I was the proud owner of a Sun shop, including workstations, for quite some time.

Heck, they've probably got some Sun blade servers sitting in the server room to this day. I sold and retired about eight years ago. My pet wish is also to be able to install on a separate hard drive - Steam allows it - which only requires all the aforementioned distros to make an amendment or special case for that. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Check out Slashdot on Minds!

Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. An anonymous reader writes: SuperTux, the free software game inspired by Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers, has put out its first stable release in a decade. SuperTux 0. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. How about A remake of Penguin Adventure with Tux? Just like a Penguin in Bondage? I suspect this was submitted by an "anonymous reader" affiliated with this terrible project. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Git will heuristically pack files using deltas so providing two versions of a binary are substantially similar it will only store the difference and is quite efficient.

Which in Swiss German means "Don't care". Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Hey this is the internet, everything no matter how benign is a reason for hate and condemnation. I think we're past the times of complaining something being bloated. We look more at the usefulness of the software.

Is the game fun, does it run smoothly, react to input nicely, how is the quality assurance, and so on. Not good either. As we can see, the bloat is least of the concerns here. Biggest chunk of the s. Oh God, a whole 80 MB? The nerve of those developers! How dare they take up so much space?! Come on, I know it's , but you can do better I would imagine that modern devs for the NES do not publish on a cart at all, but distribute their work as a rom file that is uploaded into an eeprom that is wired to a fake cart that plugs into the device.

They still suffer from the 4Meg limit of addressable space in the cart, and even that must be bank switched in pieces at a time, since the NES's can only address 64K of memory.

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Hey, at least it's not as bloated as Super Mario Maker! Great game, confusing web hosting Score: Two things I'd like to ask if anyone knows: Now they just need to allowed Score: That might spiral exponentially out of control. Version number Score: Just swap the major and minor version number and call it a day. It's good enough. Even in the commercial software market companies boldly ship version To me 0.

Why Linux fails Score: This is an example of why Linux fails as a desktop.

You've got '10 years' and its on 0. These snapshots are not all at the same point of development, and may suffer from bugs unique to their build. They are ideal for those interested in the most recent developments of the game but do not want or know how to build from the source code. Builds of for both SuperTux and editor are available for Ubuntu. They are updated daily to contain the most recent developments and are accessible here:. Jump to: Retrieved from " http: Personal tools Log in.

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