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How to Use Find and Replace in Most Apps

You can modify this by adding arbitrary folders and including or excluding files by file extension. You can also instruct find in files to open search results in a new tab, which makes them easy to review.

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  • How to Find and Replace Any Text in Your Documents.
  • How to Find and Replace Any Text in Your Documents;
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And double-clicking a result opens the appropriate file and jumps to the line where the match occurred. I was a bit surprised to learn that Sublime allows multi-line finds and replaces.

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  7. But if you grab the top of the panel with your mouse and drag it upward, it resizes to show multiple lines. Hitting Return usually executes the find.

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    A useful tip that I uncovered entirely by accident is that the find and replace fields keep a history of your previous entries. Hit the up and down arrows while your cursor is in a find or replace field to cycle through past entries, just like you would at a command prompt.

    Using the Find and Replace Features in Word 2016 for Mac

    Bonus tip: I also nailed down what was causing the quirky find results I mentioned early. There are several buttons with cryptic icons to the left of the find fields. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Ship custom analytics today with Keen.

    Regular expressions and Sublime Text

    Package control is typically the easiest way to do this kind of thing: Here's two I added that I'll want to be running together: Remove All P's", "command": Run the new command! Easy cheesy. Alex Wigmore.

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    Sublime Text Editor Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet for Win, OSX, and Linux

    Regex to the rescue. What sublime theme are you using Chris? Its so clean and simple! Joe Zimmerman.

    3 Tips to Make Sublime’s Find and Replace Your Best Friend

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