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ReMIDI is a tool that enhances a keyboard performance to by automatically changing notes into chords and chords into arpeggios or strums.

Always In Key is a small utility app that allows a user to select a musical key and restrict the MIDI output to only notes contained in that key. Well, for any number of reasons really.

Let's say that you are ad-libbing a lead on your synth and you know the key in which you are playing , you can simply route your MIDI into this app and jam away without fear of playing any wrong notes. HighC uses only the simplest GUI techniques: Its simple, it's powerful! AudioFinder is an audio asset management system, and music production hub. AudioFinder gathers all the most useful tools in one quick and intuitive application, enabling you to be more creative by handling all the time consuming tasks that slow down your music production.

AudioFinder can build a catalog of every sound on your system, save it, and search it instantly to find the sounds you need when you need them. Use AudioFinder to create custom sets for sound categories and specific projects, with fast file browsing to audition, analyze, process, convert, and move or copy the samples in your library. AudioFinder can visualize sounds instantly with the waveform overview and preview them at any pitch via MIDI or the built in keyboard, all in real-time.

Experimental - software for Mac

Sounds can even be previewed through your favorite AudioUnits. Speaking of Plug-Ins, AudioFinder features an advanced Plug-In manager and slew of other studio necessities that will make your workflow flow. Necessities like audio editing with built-in beat detection and tools for fast trimming, fading, slicing and dicing your sounds.

You can even convert your audio sample CDs into individual files with just a few clicks of the mouse. AudioFinder invented the genre of sound browsers, by being the first dedicated sound browser on any platform.

Nodal: Generative Music Software for Mac (Free for Non-Commercial Use)

With a long history of innovation, AudioFinder has consistently broke new ground and with free updates you can expect to always get more value added. It is based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm. Kapling uses this method to attempt the emulation of resonant bodies, like a string being plucked, or melodic percussion instrument being struck.

Eight independent voices are triggered by a step sequencer, with a variety of parameters set up to help you sculpt new timbres in realtime. Kapling also features a tempo-synced stereo delay and recording to disk. In simpler terms, Kapling can help you make twangy, boingy, klonky tones. If you could mate a banjo with a tabla - Kapling would be their baby! Using WireTap Studio, you can record the discrete audio output of any application, as well as all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware. If you can hear it, WireTap Studio can record it.

A required feature of any pirate rig. Seal-Show in a box: Kenaxis' random load, modulation kookyness is extremely satisfying. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. A realtime modular composition and processing software for sound design and experimental music like glitch, IDM, electroacoustic, ambient Gleetchlab 3 is a modular software designed to process audio files and live sound sources in realtime.

You can manipulate samples with random loop points, alternate speed and direction of playing without limits, pencil-edit waveforms and use the internal DSPs such as convolution, feedback generator, granular re-synthesis, waveshaping distortion, spectral filtering, wow simulation, dynamic reverberation and your own VST plugins.

Archibald is a virtual drummer who adds improvisational touches to your drum patterns.

MelloToneGen: Ambient Noise & Generative Music App for Mac

This margin allows for a more realistic sound, based upon the simple fact that no drummer plays two consecutive eighth notes with exactly the same tone and attack. Archibald may be a "machine," but his interpretations may surprise you. The sampler engine which accompanies the step-sequencer uses The second sequencer, driving the first, allows the user to program sequences based on several bars.

From Version 2. You may also export your work as audio. Oscillating Rhythms is a generative tool designed to help you explore rhythmic space. Leveraging the power of periodic functions, Oscillating Rhythms provides users with high level control over low-level detail. Up to four tracks can be layered providing users with a rich pattern generation tool, from straight 8ths through to the most complex polyrhythms.

Computer Aided Composition, Mac

Oscillating Rhythms is an AudioUnit host, so load up your favorite drum sampler and away you go. From the simple to the sublime, Oscillating Rhythms is sure to spark your creativity — just don't forget to record your performance! I wouldn't feel right if i didn't mention these while i had the chance..

Studio Artist alone deserves it's own discussion as an enabling interface for gimpfolk. It allows you to set the gamma to red, green or a custom color and to control the screen brightness. If you have multiple monitors rgGamma will set all of them at the same time. It can be used for night vision control with any application. Studio Artist 3. Apply any effect on a still image or video. Instantly create paintings, vector art, effect processed images or keyframe animations.

Add warping, morphing, texture synthesis and much more.

How I Make Generative Microtonal Algorave Music

Anything that you can do with a still image can be applied automatically to a video source creating stunning one-of-a-kind effects. It works in Mac OS X It reads all kinds of wheels, buttons, switches and controls and assigns them to useful actions like clicking, typing, scrolling, launching, opening documents and so forth. I've mentioned this utility before - but it bears repeating; whatever it is that you have to work with, be it a thumb, a toe, flppers or beak - this is the force-multiplier! These programs really cheered me up!

Again, a blanket thankyou to the hard-working truth-weavers and iteration scrutineers who created these oddities out of thin air. Please do be careful with these potent softwares, their potential for misuse is incalculable. See you again In Wotja V6 for all new development will be on the new UI variant but throughout we will update both Wotja V 5 variants in tandem and so no paying customer will lose out. We now have just one User Guide and documentation common to both variants.

To get familiar with the new UI, and with one exception, we do now recommend that new customers purchase the 'Wotja X' variant which is what we feature links to on this page. Alternatively, consider getting the paid-for feature-unlocked 'annual' version instead, e. About us: All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Toggle navigation Jump To. Wotja V5 is now retired.

See the new version. Composer Mixer Writer Player Software for: Love creating music or writing? Important 'Wotja X ' or 'Wotja A ' is the paid-for 'annual' non-subscription feature unlocked version of 'Wotja X' or 'Wotja A' where available for Create automatic albums and playlists of mixes for meditation, sleep, relaxation, yoga, art, installations, small shops etc.

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Autocorrect had it as "more than the sum of its arts", which is actually more accurate " "Generative Music Masterpiece" "These guys are Ambient legends and now we can all work with their tools. Much love" "Completely changed my mind" "I recently purchased the "pro" non-subscription based version of this. Featuring live created generative music Audio Recordings The mix recording below was created from the 2 part video tutorial above download the wotja file. Listen to some other recordings medium quality MP3. Paid-for 'Annual' version OS Versions: It will only be updated in The corresponding Subscription version with an active 'Unlocked' Subscription has the same Feature Set.

Wotja X for Windows is available only from the Microsoft Store. Long Play: When this is reached a mix or album will stop playing if it has not already done so and a simple manual restart can start it playing again. For specialist use cases where there is a need for to generate continuous live background music for longer than 8 hours, e. It is our intention in the longer term to release subscription versions for Windows and Android but as of yet we have no ETA.

Windows , Android Variants: Wotja X These versions are all permanently locked in ' Free Mode '. Get the annual versions above if you want to use it with Free Mode 'Unlocked'. As noted above, in due course we may add In-App Subscriptions to the Windows and AZ versions; at that point they could then be 'Unlocked'. As Wotja is a system that is undergoing continuous development, including being ported to other OS, it should be an app you might well wish to consider using! When you find you want to do more than you can in Free Mode, then there are low cost Subscription and Paid for 'Annual' version options you can purchase.

What can I do in 'Free Mode'? Create and save automatic albums of generative music mixes: Wotja supports making automatic albums, adding mixes to them, and playlisting. You can add mixes to that album, too, and playlist it. Explore generative music composition and sound design: Use the Intemorphic Music Engine IME editors to try out all sorts of generative techniques and end up with something totally custom; start with the generative settings in the available templates if you want.

Intermorphic About us: Download the free demo to see what you can create with Nodal! What users are saying about Nodal " Nodal is brilliant! Nodal is a truly gorgeous, elegant application. I have discovered it 2 two days ago, and basically just spent two nights playing with it and making songs and beats.

Fantastic software! If you have any issues or queries, please contact Support. What is Nodal? Features simple but powerful interface change your composition while it is playing — great for improvisation and quickly creating new musical ideas compatible with any MIDI synthesiser and major Digital Audio software can run stand alone using the built-in synthesiser live performance tools: Volume, Pan, Modulation for greater musical expression built-in examples and tutorial information to get you started and making music quickly News Nodal featured on the ABC Television Science program Catalyst Working with Nodal video tutorial series released Nodal 1.